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"Thank you for entrusting me with your business. I know how important getting exclusive pumping + pump specific lactation support is essential to your milk feeding goals. I wish you all the best in your journey!" - Dr. Ashton

Nipple pain, flange sizing, exclusively pumping


I came across Dr.Ashton when I was just about to quit pumoing due to the pain. Dr.Ashton helped me navigate the pain and gradually decrease the pain and figure out the root cause which was flanges that were way too large. She also provided me immense support and knowledge on my exclusive pumping journey. I would definitely recommend her!

Nipple pain and sizing


I am so glad to have found Dr. Ashton's support in my pumping journey. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and devoted to helping mothers meet their EP goals. I highly recommend her services.

Flange sizing


Dr. Ashton was extremely thorough and knowledgeable!!! She helped me through all my questions and explained things! I did not realize how big of a difference flange size could make!! Thank you!!!



I booked an appointment with Dr. Ashton because I knew I was using the wrong size flange. It just looked huge. The hospital told me to go up from the 24 that comes with the hospital pump and had me in a 30. Now I'm a 19 and I pump more and in so so much less pain.

EP startup


Dr. Ashton took the time to go over pump info my LC had no idea about. I left our appointment knowing way more and way faster than if I searched it all alone.

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