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Exclusive Pumping Glossary


  • Exclusive Pumping, Exclusively Pumping or Exclusively Pump. Use of a breast pump and occasionally, manual hand expression to feed an infant breastmilk by a different mean than at the lactating breast. Infants are typically fed by bottle, but can also be fed by a supplemental nursing system (at breast or bottle), cup, bottle spoon, spoon, syringe or a dropper.  


  • Exclusively Pumping or Exclusive Pumping


  • An exclusive pumper or someone who exclusively pumps breastmilk.


  • Ounces Per Day. I'm currently pumping 27OPD.


  • Pumps Per Day. I'm doing 6PPD to maintain supply.


  • Middle Of The Night Pump. When can I drop the MOTN pump without losing supply?


  • Minutes Per Pump. I'm currently doing 15MNPP.

Dropping Pumps

  • Act of eliminating or decreasing the number of daily pumping sessions. I'm thinking of dropping from 6 to 5PPD to get more sleep. 

Power Pumping

  • Imitating a nursing cluster feed during 1 hour. Using consists of pumping for 20 minutes, off for 10 minutes, on for 10 minutes, off for 10 minutes, then on for 10 minutes. Power pumping may increase supply. 


  • All-Purpose Nipple Ointment. Aids with cracked and bleeding nipples. Dr. Newman prescribes as 1) Mupirocin ointment 2%: 15 grams 2) Betamethasone ointment 0.1%: 15 grams 3) To which is added miconazole powder to a concentration of 2% miconazole (International Breastfeeding Centre, 2020). 


  • Short for Domperidone. A widely prescribed medication in Canada to aid in the increase of milk production. It's intended use is not for milk production, however, a side effect is the increase of milk production. See Domperidone for more information. 


  • Historically and often still referred as being fed human milk by latching to a lactating breast. However, infants and toddlers who are fed by exclusively pumping are breastfed. The source of nourishment is still human milk by a lactating breast. 


  • Fed human milk by latching to a lactating breast.


  • Consuming human milk. Infants and toddlers fed milk by exclusive pumping are breastfed, as the milk is still excreted by a lactating breast. 


  • Months Post-Partum. I'm currently 4MPP. 


  • Weeks Post-Partum. I'm currently 18 WPP.


  • An infant who receives breastmilk via exclusive pumping. How old is your pumpling?

Just Enougher

  • Pumps just enough milk daily to meet baby's daily needs. If I drop the MOTN I won't be a Just Enougher anymore.


  • Pumps more milk than baby's daily needs. As an oversupplier I'm pumping 45OPD, can I afford to drop pumps?


  • Pumps less milk than baby's daily needs. Typically will supplement with formula or donor breast milk. I'm and undersupplier because I'm currently supplementing about 6OPD.


  • The act of dropping pumps to stop exclusively pumping. My plan is to start weaning at 8MPP.


  • Act of primarily placing breastmilk in a fridge for future feeds. It can include freezing, however freezing is typically referred to as a stash. 


  • Storing and typically freezing a surplus or a certain amount of breastmilk to use while away from baby or to have less overall pump time to achieve breastfeeding goals. I currently have a stash of 300L, so I can stop pumping, and still have enough to get my baby to their first birthday.


  • Supplemental nursing system. Device that holds milk or formula via a tube that is often attached to a breast to attempt to feed baby or toddler at breast. Can be chosen as a way to allow a nursing relationship. Also can be used for chestfeeding.

Grief Pumper​

  • An individual who choses to exclusively pump after the loss of their child.

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