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Exclusive Pumper, IBCLC, PhD, MEd, CLC, ACS,
EP Researcher, Trainer & Educator

"Being among the first few IBCLCs who is equally an Exclusive Pumper has given me the opportunity to see the gaps in exclusive pumping care.

I strive to improve exclusive pumping lactation care with a mix of evidence-based care, pumping anecdotal care and breastfeeding medicine suggestions." - Dr. Ashton 

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Helping exclusive pumpers resolve
their lactation care pain instead of
quitting is part of why I became an IBCLC.


The support I received in EP groups, websites, my own personal EP journey, and all the lactation education I did to become a CLC and an IBCLC wasn't nearly enough.

Clinical hours and an amazing Chief IBCLC mentor who is equally a PhD (with an upcoming MD designation) that's where I
started to better understand the gaps in exclusive pumping care.

And I am grateful because now I make it my mission to help clients
extend their pump journeys!

Let's Collab!

Let's be co-authors!

From conducting exclusive pumping research, analyzing data, peer-reviewing, dissertation committee member, I'd love to discuss any of these opportunities with you.

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Fortin Higgins, A. (2022). Flange sizing recommendations for frequent breast pump use. Clinical Lactation, 13(3).
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Let's Collab

About Me

My breastfeeding story: Triple fed for 6 months while experiencing low supply (2015). Direct latched for 4 weeks, triple fed for 2 weeks, then exclusively pumped until 9 months while going from low supply to just enougher (2018). 

My lactation professional background: I became an IBCLC in 2023. I was primarily mentored virtually through Liquid Gold Concept, with a chief IBCLC mentor with a PhD and an upcoming MD designation. I was also mentored virtually by IBCLCs throughout the US and Mexico obtaining my 500 clinical hours (predominantly with exclusive pumpers). In 2022, I became a Certified Advanced Lactation Specialist (cALS) through Liquid Gold Concept and completed an additional 103 clinical virtual hours with standardized patients. I also published in the peer-reviewed journal Clinical Lactation on Flange Sizing. In 2021, I became a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) through Healthy Children Project via the aggregate pathway. I also became an affiliate member of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine to better understand evidence-based principles as they relate to pumping care. In 2020, I founded the Exclusive Pumping Institute for professionals, and in 2021, I launched Pumped Love for a more evidence-based take for exclusive pumpers. I also coined the acronym EPLC to help signify an exclusive pumping-specific lactation professional.

My professional background: I work outside of being a Lactation Consultant, being a different type of LC, a Bilingual Learning Consultant (English & French), for a Bank in Canada. I hold a PhD and MEd in Human Sexuality from Widener University, with a strong focus in HIV/AIDS education. In 2021, I became a Board-Certified Sexologist (ACS) through the American College of Sexologists. I live in the Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada.

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LAEP Framework - What is it?

LAEP is a framework I created in 2020 when I launched the Institute. I'm committed to helping lactation professionals gain more profound knowledge about exclusive pumping, which originated from a collective perspective. In 2023, LAEP is more enhanced stemming from a collective, evidence-based & and IBCLC clinical perspective.

Most books out there are based on one person's pumping experience. Most YouTube pumping videos are based on one person's perspective. No lactation consultant has time to piece it all together, watch hundreds of YouTube videos on pumps/experiences, and where to turn for the right peer-reviewed articles. As an educator, I created the LAEP Framework to put an end to the guessing of exclusive pumping and put it into practice effectively. 

Since 2020, the Exclusive Pumping Institute strives to achieve:

  • bridging the gap between lactation consultants, health professionals and exclusive pumpers. Ultimately making the exclusive pumping journey a more seamless experience.

  • conducting and providing research that is based on lactation, exclusive pumping & breast pumps.

  • providing support to exclusive pumpers using a combination of traditional lactation theories/methods with newer lactation advancement theories/methods as they relate specifically to exclusive pumping.

  • providing LIVE judgement-free exclusive pumping virtual support groups globally.

  • contributing to the field of lactation advancement focusing specifically on exclusive pumping & exclusive pumping advocacy.

  • better understanding of collective & and inclusive exclusive pumping education, to provide appropriate training & tools to health care professionals working in lactation.

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