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Exclusive Pumping Research

While Jardine (2020) has created a measure to examine EPing, there are still many unknowns within EP research. For example, while selection/acquiring of a breast pump is examined, things that EPers/lactation consultant may want more information on are breast pump settings, which requires further investigation. While this can vary from one lactating person to the next, understanding a more profound knowledge of breast pump setting preferences can give lactating persons a start and guiding point. Another area of interest is Canadian differences in acquiring a breast pumps in comparison to American lactating persons. These are just a few of my EP research specific interests. 


While I am in the early stages of creating an instrument to measure some of these EP research concerns, please feel free to send me an email if you are interested in potentially participating in the future. When the survey has passed an Institutional Review Board (IRB), a form of ethical review, I will post the survey link here. You are welcome to keep checking back! 

The Use of EP Evidence Based Practice During Exclusive Pumping Consults:

Exclusive pumping specific lactation care differs from that of nursing care. The Exclusive Pumping Institute strives to provide all exclusive pumpers or individuals who pump occasionally credible information based on the following:

  • Peer-reviewed academic research articles that relate to exclusive pumping specifically or breast pumpingEvidence based exclusive pumping practice based on a combination of exclusive pumping peer-reviewed articles + exclusive pumping theories that have indicated anecdotal success in exclusive pumping for at least 5+ years + 90 hours of lactation specific education. 

  • The only supplements that are discussed to aid in exclusive pumping lactation are sunflower lecithin and calcium/magnesium supplements and should be only used if given permission by the exclusive pumper's medical provider. All other herbal supplements can be mentioned in consults by the exclusive pumper, but are not evidence based in lactation and as such, will not be suggested for consumption for milk production.

  • Domperidone will only be discussed with Canadian clients and clients are to conduct their own research regarding the potential of future/current use. Domperidone is a last resort, and frequent milk removal pumping scheduling will be provided prior to such discussions. Domperidone is NOT prescribed by the Exclusive Pumping Institute nor Dr. Ashton Fortin Higgins. Canadian clients will be required to discuss any domperidone option with their medical provider and ultimately at the sole discretion of their medical provider. Dr. Ashton Fortin Higgins will not provide any recommendation for domperidone for US clients as it is not regulated for lactation use in the US.


Donors & Investors: If you are interested in assisting with funding EP research, please send me a email. 




Jardine, F. M. (2020). Breastfeeding without nursing: The lived experiences of exclusive pumpers (doctoral dissertation). University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.

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