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Are you passionate about Exclusive Pumping Awareness + Advocacy?
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What is Pumped Love™?
Pumped Love™ by Exclusive Pumping Institute is first a foremost an Exclusive Pumping Support Group Free Initiative. This space is attempting to bring the Facebook Support Group LIVE. It seeks to provide support to expecting, current and past exclusive pumpers. I like to think of it of a La Leche League for exclusive pumpers equivalent. Many exclusive pumpers feel out of their element when surrounded by nursing. Attending "Mom" groups can be difficult as a result. In this space it's all about exclusive pumping, and your don't need to justify your choice to exclusively pumped. WE GET IT! Pumped Love also promotes Exclusive Pumping advocacy + awareness globally. Check out Pumped Love™
What's the criteria to contribute?
  • A photo of you and/or your pumpling(s) (with a pump or pumps if you can, if there is no pump in the photo, it is okay!). Photo shoot pictures are wonderful (i.e. end of journey shoots, one year photos).
  • The photo can be current (i.e. you pumped in 2013 and you have a 7 year old). Older children you have pumped for is impactful
  • Family photos are great too. It promotes how your family voluntarily or ultimately exclusively pumped to provide milk to one or more kiddos.
  • Expecting exclusive pumpers are encouraged to contribute to demonstrate the want + desire to exclusively pump as your chosen method to feed your baby.

EP Awareness comes in all forms. Health providers need to see it to believe it!

What do I need to do:
1. Fill out the Google Form below, as it is a photo release form.

2. Send your photo(s) to

3. Within 24 hours, see your photo live at
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