Dr. Ashton's all time favourite pumping accessory! You never need to worry about weight loss or gain with this accessory because it's  attached with velcro. I found pumping bras would loosen as weight was lost and felt no longer secure. This is a winner! Pump at home, car, airplane, work, Marineland, Disney, you name it! More Canadians need this pumping bra in their lives!


  • Pump Strap is the Lactation Specialist-recommended hands free pumping bra that allows you to pump both breasts simultaneously or pump while breastfeeding. Wear by itself or over a nursing bra or nursing top. without having to fully undress every time you want to pump!
  • Our adjustable pump bra fits all women sizes XS - XXL , bra sizes A - DDD. Adjusts with you during any and all stages of your postpartum pregnancy body. Simple, effective, machine washable design with sturdy velcro closure (extra bra strap included for even more support)
  • You can pump faster while pumping more with Pump Strap - increase tightness for increased milk flow while maintaining suction. The Pump Strap will support you and your pump, even with heavy full bottles with the handsfree and leak-free.design
  • Works with all single and double electric breastpump manufacturers including, but not limited to: Medela, Ameda, Lansinoh, Pumpin Pal as well as the wider Spectra or other flanges
  • Save time with our fast on, fast off design - no need to fully undress. The Pump Strap's breast openings are easy to maneuver so you can insert your pump flanges from quickly and easily. Machine Wash, hang to dry.
  • A portion of your purchase will go towards EP research.

Pump Strap HandsFree Pumping & Nursing Bra – Pump More in Less Time

  • Pump straps are final sale, no returns or refunds. If you have a larger bust, consider getting the DD+ size, also available in the store. If you have any questions, send us an email!

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