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  • HELPS IMPROVE BREASTFEEDING: Our Tulips Contact Nipple Shields can help you achieve your breastfeeding goals if you are experiencing pain or latch issues related to: inverted nipples, flat nipples, tongue tie, overactive letdown, premature baby that can’t achieve a deep latch
  • NO RIDGES: The anti-ridge design helps avoid nipple abrasion and maximize skin-to-skin contact so you can continue your breastfeeding journey with comfort
  • SWISS MADE: Our Tulips Contact Nipple Shields are made in Switzerland, BPA-free, ultra-thin and incredibly soft
  • CORRECT SIZE: We offer a range of Nipple Shield sizes. We offer 20mm (size M), or 24mm (size L) so you can find the perfect fit for you and your baby
  • HYGIENIC: 2 Tulips Nipple Shields and a carrying case are included in each box for hygienic carrying in your purse or bag

Ardo Tulip Contact Nipple Shield

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