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Which will be MY new Breastfriend?

There are a lot of factors that play into selecting the right breast pump for the exclusive pumper. Research, is just not there yet. However, it is in the works!

Here are a few of the things to consider:


You can certainly get a pump at a lower cost. However, it may not be a pump that will last the duration of your EP journey. In the US, you have many options through your insurance providers. In Canada, it is not so easy. Majority of the main insurers need a script and even then its not always guaranteed. Additionally, in Canada we face the problem of a higher amount to purchase our breast pumps. Medela has a huge markup in Canada. For example, Medela Harmony in the US costs under $30 USD. Yet here in Canada, it costs roughly $60 CDN. Even with an exchange rate of 1.38, that's roughly $42 CDN for an American purchased Medela Symphony. I recently purchased a new Medela Pump in Style Maxflow in the US. First time BuyBuyBaby customers get a coupon for 20% off. That $200 USD Maxflow cost me $160 USD ($220 CDN), which I would vouch for roughly $30-$40 in duty. So for $260 CDN total I save myself about $110 CDN, since it costs $375 CDN + taxes. AGAIN crazy markup. There are so reputable brands, and so many things to consider. For simplicity I will be creating a downloadable sheet with all the most common EP pumps, with price for both countries.

If you are thinking about buying a breast pump used, you need to think of your safety and that of your child. Closed systems are the way to go and please do you and your child a favour, buy the flanges/tubing etc new. I will have a video out soon on buying used breast pumps and accessories. 


It's 2020, lets get down with portable-discreet our bras and camis. There are three main reputable brands here to consider, but also a hefty price tag. 

  1. Freemie Liberty & Independence Pumps ($300 USD) - American Based

    • Pump into reusable cups​

    • Tubes attached to the pump go under your shirt

    • Pump clips to your pants/pockets.

    • 25 mm and 28 mm flanges

    • Several Fitme inserts for the right flange size if 25 and 28 mm are not your size

  2. ​Willow 3.0 Breast Pump ($500 USD)​ - American Based

    • Pump into bags or reusable containers​

    • App compatible

    • No wires, right in your bra

    • 21, 24 and 27 mm

  3. Elvie Breast Pump ($500 USD)​​ - UK Based

    • Pump right into discreet bottles​

    • App compatible

    • No wires, right in your bra

    • 21, 24 and 28 mm 

In Canada, we have none of these options readily available. I will have a video on this hurtle in the near future. However you still have the Medela Freestyle Flex for something portable. Though it is not discreet, your pump is just hanging out there! We do have the Freemie open system cups, which I do not recommend because milk often gets sucked up into the tubes. I would use as a last resort. The new freemie cups are a closed system, but again not available here. 

Easily accessible and replaceable parts

You may want something that you can get spare parts ASAP. Lets say you forgot a piece and you are out of town, you want to run to Walmart or Target to get that piece. Many pumps are widely available online, but not in stores. You may need to consider buying spare parts when you buy your pump. It is important to note that EP pumping is way more than what breast pumps ever intended (i.e. lactating person is away from baby for the weekend). You will need to anticipate the purchase of extra backflows, duckbills, connectors etc. May seem like a lot of money to start, but you invested in the pump, what good is a pump that you can't use or doesn't perform as it should? If all else fails prepare yourself to pick up a manual pump to make due until your parts get to you. You can also hand express.   

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