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Imagine Exclusively pumping in a world where everyone else understands!

It's time EPers. We've called out all those who have wronged us in health care settings. It's time to make a difference for the future of EPing. Let's help future EPers avoid not feeling shamed, guilted, or unsuccessful at EPing. This starts with a Lactation Attitude Reassessment (LAR). I'm calling on you to help me by contributing your EP journey to the program. Dr. Ashton will be compensating $20 CDN or $15 USD (Amazon e-gift card) to all individuals that are selected and have also completed all the tasks of contributing to the LAR program. You can be a current or past EPer. If you are up for it, read on! 

What do I need to do?

-Complete an application form via Survey Monkey. Please note, there is no compensation for filling out the application. You need to be selected by Dr. Ashton to be notified about how to be compensated.

-If you are selected, Dr. Ashton will contact you via email with more specifics. In general, you will be asked to video yourself answering a series of questions relating to your EP experience. This might include videoing of part of your pumping session, and what you do with your baby while you pump (for those still pumping). 

-You will need to upload your video(s) to Dr. Ashton.

If this sounds like your calling, fill out an application:

What are LAR's Objectives?

By becoming aware of one's values, beliefs, perceptions, and feelings, participants become increasingly comfortable with a wide variation of breastfeeding differences, focusing specifically on exclusive pumping practices. This comfort is essential for lactation consultant professionals, and is also beneficial for individuals who work with lactating individuals (i.e. physicians, including paediatricians) striving for personal growth and keeping current with the advancements of breast pump technology. LAR participants move toward greater knowing, acceptance and tolerance of exclusive pumping.

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