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Flange Sizing 



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Q: Facebook, Google, Instagram, lactation specialists and medical professionals....How are your services different?

A: As an exclusive pumper turned IBCLC, your exclusive pumping journey matters to me. I believe in evidence-based pumping and publish on exclusive pumping in peer-reviewed journals. I have worked with hundreds of pumping dyads, and have been mentored by a team of amazing IBCLCs, including a mentor with both a PhD and upcoming MD designation.   

Q: Dr. Ashton do you use a secure server?


A: Absolutely. I use a Practice Better Teleheath Secured Video Platform for all consults. 





Weaning assistance


Dr. Ashton made all the difference for me. Her guidance was the key for helping me wean after 15 months of exclusive pumping. She was an absolute lifesaver and was able to help me in ways that others I sought help from could not. I was stuck at 2 ppd and had mastitis twice while trying to wean. I happened across a recommendation for Dr. Ashton, and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her help. I appreciated her research-based guidance, and her approach was so caring and kind. She celebrated my progress right along with me and never made me feel dumb for asking lots of questions. The text support was so valuable because there were many changes as time went on, and it was the biggest relief knowing I could just text her and talk through things. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Increasing milk supply and weaning


Dr. Ashton is a true lifesaver. I had many issues with pumping and weaning, and she supported me along my entire journey from increasing milk supply, flange sizing, and nipple pain through my decision to wean from exclusive pumping. She worked with me in a supportive, nonjudgmental manner, and made me feel comfortable in the journey. She never made me feel silly for my many questions, and provided solid, evidence based advice along the way. I can’t recommend her enough, and will be referring my friends her way in the future.

Nipple pain, flange sizing, exclusively pumping


I came across Dr.Ashton when I was just about to quit pumoing due to the pain. Dr.Ashton helped me navigate the pain and gradually decrease the pain and figure out the root cause which was flanges that were way too large. She also provided me immense support and knowledge on my exclusive pumping journey. I would definitely recommend her!

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