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Why does the Institute Need so many Pumps?

Aside from me finding beauty in breast pumps, they are used for further advancing Exclusive Pumping knowledge, education, training and research.

  • Used for training & educating Lactation Consultants as it relates to EPing.

    • It is unrealistic of us to assume that LCs should know everything about pumps. In fact they receive little to no education on exclusive pumping all together. They do not have the time nor the resources to watch youtube clip after youtube clip that ​compares Pump A to Pump B to Pump C. The Institute strives to have the resources to educate/train LCs on Pumps A to Z, without the guess work. 

  • Settings, such as vacuum & cycles are different on every pump. Education on each pump is important for EP pump selection, comfort and price point. 

  • EP research is lacking. Knowing each pump specifically prior to creating the full questionnaire will allow the Institute to get to know each pump and ask the questions to best suit each participant. Example: Citrus fruits - Orange Family. If I ask if you like oranges, but you never were asked about tangerines, mandarines or clementines- but actually clementines are your favourite. You would give me a less accurate response because I was asking about oranges, not clementines. EP research would focus on each pump individually and your use of the specific pump. In the example, I would want to know more about how clementines appeal to you, is it an easier peel? Sweeter? Smaller etc. You get the point! Having each pump on hand allows me to examine the pump to the naked eye, and evaluate, suction, cycles etc.  

  • Help EP individuals better understand their pumps. This might include troubleshooting, best flange sizing based on their pump etc.  

Where does the Institute get its Pumps?

Great question! A variety of sources. As you can imagine, breast pumps are extremely expensive to have on hand. As a result some breast pumps come from gracious manufacturers who supply me with donated new breast pump because they believe that EPing needs more training, education & research. Other pumps I have purchased brand new from retailers like BuyBuyBaby, Amazon & Babies R Us. Other pumps (excluding the rentals in the shop), the Institute has purchased has come used from Facebook Groups, Kijiji & Ebay.  

Why do you have used pumps?

  • Due to the nature of the Institute's work, I do not need to have every pump in a brand new condition. I am not using them to pump my own milk, rather for my own personal use to learn more/research about each pump to help others as it relates specifically to exclusively pumping. This includes LCs, Health professionals & other/future EPers. 

What is the condition of the used pumps you have on hand?

  • For the most part, most used pumps are come in decent  condition! Unfortunately, some have come in less than sanitary conditions. This includes lots of milk residue build up, or milk crusts, in one case mold due to improper storage prior acquiring the pump. Thankfully, these pumps are not being used to provide milk to any child, and rather for the purposes of research. New tubing/flanges will be used on these pumps during research.  

Why do you buy off Facebook Groups?

  • As a Canadian, I cannot buy many EP pumps (i.e. Spectra) and accessories if I just go to a local Walmart. In Canada, we are limited to the following Health Canada approved brands: Medela, Ameda, Lansinoh, Evenflo, Ardo, Dr. Brown's and Philips. That's it! Not all of these brands' models are even available in Canada. Imagine an Institute on EPing that can't educate on items like handsfree pumps for EP education and training because they can't have direct access? Imagine no discreet Freemie, Willow or Elvie pumping? Many Canadian EPers are faced with this struggle during their EP journey. As you may know, handsfree can be what saves your EP journey, and keeps you going longer. As someone who wants to help Exclusive Pumping advancement, I have used these groups because

    • A) they have the best EP pumps available

    • B) the sense that everyone in the group is or has been an exclusive pumper

    • C) there is shipping typically offered, as EPers do not often live in the same areas (Facebook Marketplace does not always offer shipping)

    • D) going rates for used pumps

    • E) it is not necessary that I buy new pumps for the purposes of training/educating/research on exclusive pumping. Instead of paying full price for a new pump, I would rather purchase used to have more funds available to put towards EP research. Getting research approved costs thousands of dollars, it is not as easy as just doing a quick survey! I do not resell my FB group purchased pumps. 

  • As aforementioned, some of these pumps have arrived to me in less than sanitary conditions, when truthfully I believed they would be in a decent condition. Receiving several pumps in this condition leads me to believe the Institute has an additional duty to provide more education on proper cleaning of pump parts and when it is time to replace parts. I understand we are learning as we go, but the safety of your infants is extremely important to me. Sometimes we are overwhelmed to do our best to clean these parts thoroughly, and not cleaning the collar for example gets forgotten nor done as efficiently as it can be. We are all human, but being a seller of breast pumps should mean clean stuff, or disclose its condition, including the flaws.

What about Health Canada?

  • As Canadians our pump selection is, in my opinion, not where it needs to be to help Exclusive Pumpers. Perhaps what the Institute is doing will change this for future EPers to continue to increase the ability to promote, protect and support breastfeeding in Canada. As per Health Canada, you are allowed to bring breast pumps into the country as long as they are for personal use, and ensure you pay your appropriate duties. EPI's rental pumps are all approved by Health Canada as multi-user pumps. None of the other pumps at EPI are for use outside of my personal use for the research & education of exclusive pumping purposes. 


If it is a pump the Institute does not currently do not have on hand, yes. Your pump can be the difference in knowing more about your specific pump in EP research & help out future EPers. You might be comforted to know that all products in my shop and my EP support services have a portion that goes towards EP research at the Institute. I truly want to get the answers we have been looking for out there to help future EPers. Your pump may help do just that!

What condition does my pump need to meet requirements for sale?

  • No mold.

  • Little milk residue in collars/flanges.

  • Dried prior to shipping.

  • Preferably not a lot of use or in a new condition. 

  • Canadian or American addresses are available for shipping.

  • Photos of your pump, including flanges/tubing.

  • A part of an EP support group on FB.

    • I have several contributors to the Institute's Lactation Attitude Reassessment (LAR) program for health professionals as it relates to exclusive pumping. Many of them believe in the advancement of exclusive pumping. It is my belief that most EPers want advancement for exclusive pumping, and that they would like to contribute something. Being a part of an EP support group allows me to know that you might be willing to sell your pump to the Institute because you are contributing to the advancement of exclusive pumping research.   

The Institute is in search of these pumps:

  • Medela Lactina

  • All Bellame

  • All Hygeia except Fit

  • Ameda Egnell Pump

  • Philips Avent Double Electric (Pink Version)

If you have one of these pumps click Pump Sale Inquiry to send more info to the Institute, including how much you are hoping to receive for you pump!​

What are some of the pumps the INSTITUTE HAS ON HAND?


Spectra S1

A top EP choice



A top EP choice



A top EP choice


Baby Buddha

A top EP choice


Medela Symphony

A top choice for increasing production


Bella Baby

A top economical choice

Medela Breast Pumps

  • Swing

  • Pump in Style Advanced

  • Pump in Style Maxflow

  • Freestyle

  • Freestyle Flex

  • Sonata

  • Symphony

Ameda Breast Pumps

  • Finesse

  • Purely Yours

  • Purely Yours Ultra

  • Mya

  • MyaJoy

  • MyaPro

  • Elite

  • Platinum

Motif Breast Pumps

  • Twist*

  • Duo

  • Luna Battery*

Spectra Breast Pumps

  • S1

  • S9

  • Synergy

Ardo Breast Pumps

  • Calypso*

Bella Baby Breast Pumps

  • Double Pump

  • Pocket Pump

Pumpables Breast Pumps

  • Supergenie*

  • Genie Advanced

Limerick Breast Pumps

  • PJ Comfort

  • Joy

Philips Breast Pumps

  • Comfort Double Electric (Original)

Evenflo Breast Pumps

  • Single Advanced 

  • Double Advanced

Willow Breast Pumps

  • Willow - 3rd Generation

Elvie Breast Pumps

  • Elvie

Freemie Breast Pumps

  • Nuk Freemie Pump (same features as Liberty)​

Tommee Tippee Breast Pumps

  • Tommee Tippee Pump ​

Hygeia Breast Pumps

  • Fit Pump ​

Dr. Brown's Breast Pumps

  • Dr. Brown's Pump ​

Baby Buddha Breast Pumps

  • Baby Buddha Pump ​

*Denotes a donated breast pump by the manufacturer or distributor

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