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Lactation Attitude Reassessment (LAR)

  • Are you an IBCLC, CLC, CLE, Doula, Midwife, Nurse, Physician or an individual who has completed your 90 hours of lactation specific education*?

  • Are you struggling with how to consult with your Exclusive Pumping (EP) clients appropriately?

  • Is your breast pump knowledge only as it relates to assist clients who use breast pumps in relation to being away from a nursing baby or for back to work use?

First, let me say WELCOME! You are here either because you have experienced an EP client or because you recognize it's 2020 and its time to include technology within our breastfeeding practice. As you are aware, there are missing pieces within the LC curriculum that do not provide the education we need as Lactation Consultants to help EP clients. It's no ones fault, only that technology has come along way and that unfortunately, the education is still focused on nursing. 

Second, I am changing that at breast is the only way! It's time that as health professionals we understand that we are missing the mark here. Why are our clients Googling how to EP? Why are our clients turning to answers through Facebook groups? Why are we encouraging back at breast? Lastly, why are we telling our clients that pumping will never maintain their supply? There is a lot of misinformation out there and it's in part because ordinary IBCLC and CLCs cannot fully comprehend the EP world unless they have either A) lived it themselves or with a client or B) done their homework outside of the practice. It is very necessary for now and as technology continues to evolve, the number of EPers will continue to grow with it! Brace yourself, the world of EPing will expand, and I hope you join me on enhancing your skills to better serve EP individuals.

Why Choose LAR?

Brace yourself, you are going to be able to take part in something amazing. A LAR stems from the ideation of a SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment). As an individual with a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality Studies: Sex Education, we are required to take part in several SARs throughout our training. Sexuality is a sensitive subject and SARs are part of working through feelings of sexuality towards different topics on this subject matter. I recognize that technological advancements enabling exclusive pumping is a big part of what is missing in lactation education Here is a breakdown of a LAR:


By becoming aware of one's values, beliefs, perceptions, and feelings, participants become increasingly comfortable with a wide variation of breastfeeding differences, focusing specifically on exclusive pumping practices. This comfort is essential for lactation consultant professionals, and is also beneficial for individuals who work with lactating individuals (i.e. physicians, including paediatricians) striving for personal growth and keeping current with the advancements of breast pump technology. LAR participants move toward greater knowing, acceptance and tolerance of exclusive pumping.

What can I expect from attending a LAR?

The LAR workshop is a experiential, cognitive and affective experience designed to challenge your current outlook on fed at breast is best for all lactating persons. This includes confronting attitudes, beliefs and values about solely nursing or only using a breast pump for short periods of time or when briefly away from the infant (i.e. only while at work). It uses an intensive workshop process incorporating visual materials, presenters sharing personal experiences, small group work, and individual reflections. A LAR strives to achieve a new in-depth understanding of lactating persons who have either willingly chosen to exclusively pump or are unable to feed at breast due to a variety of reasons, but yet have chosen to exclusively pump their breastmilk.  


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